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Meet Your Hosts: River and Terran

Twin Boys Cooking Healthy Food

River and Terran Greenfield, 9-year-old twin sons of local New Yor Times bestselling author Ben Greenfield, have had an interest in food since their early years. They enjoy watching their father working and have in interest in sharing food from their point of view.

In each Go Greenfields episode, you’ll travel with River and Terran to local Spokane and Coeur D’ Alene area restaurants to review the menu, food, ambiance, service and much more. You’ll also find cooking tips, recipes, local plant foraging, and journeys to restaurants in other towns through our journeys.

“It’s funny – ever since they were tiny three-year-olds, they’ve never really used the kids’ menu at restaurants.” says mother Jessa Greenfield. “Instead, they’re little foodies – they love to try strange new foods and actually have really good palates and even an eye for plating and cook technique!”

Meet River

Hi! I’m nine years old. I got to school at St. George’s School in Spokane, Washington. I like the piano. My favorite hobby is art and drawing. I live with my brother Terran and my family: mom, dad, Comet our dog, our 15 chickens, our seven goats and our lizard Godzilla. I LOVE to read and write and draw and cook, and also shooting my bow. My favorite movie is either Goonies, Princess Bride or Sandlot.

Meet Terran

Hi! I am nine years old. I live in Spokane Washington and I go to St. George’s School. My main hobbies are drawing for about an hour a day and playing with my dog Comet. I also play the piano, enjoy cooking, and love outside games like capture the flag, tag, gorilla, paintball gunfights, and hide-and-go-seek. I do bow hunting, throwing sticks, slingshots, and knives. I LOVE reading and writing books too! I have four family members: Jessa, Ben, River and me. I have 14 cousins. I have 24 pets: 15 chickens, seven goats, one dog and a lizard named Godzilla. My favorite movies are Goonies and the Princess Bride.

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