Mission Heirloom Test Kitche

How the test kitchen is set up to serve people with all dietary restrictions

Terran and River are visiting Mission Heirloom today to discover the different types of foods created at the test kitchen that are designed to meet various dietary requirements. The Great people at the test kitchen show the boys how they prep the kitchen including purifying the air, water and vacuum sealers to ensure that the food stays fresh. Take a listen to the steps it takes to ensure kitchens can serve organic food without chemicals and preservatives for a healthy meat.

The test kitchen goes into detail as to how they purchase and use equipment that will make sure that all steps are taken to create an environment in which cooking for dietary restrictions is safe.

Listen above to the episode on the audio player above to get all of the details.

Mission Heirloom Garden

Mission Heirloom Organic

Mission Heirloom Flower

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