What We Ordered

    • Spicy Stir Fried Rice Cake (Ttok-Bo-Ki)
    • Mixed Vegetables with Beef on Rice, Topped with Egg (Bi-Bim-Bap)
    • Seafood Pancake (Hae-Mool-Pa-Jun)

What We Saw

It has a good ambiance, but we found it funny that the music playing wasn’t Korean. There are lots of neat pictures all around the restaurant. You can look at their website as they have a gallery of plates of food to see what their food looks like.

What We Thought

We love Koren food. It has lots of vegetables and ingredients that you normally don’t get to eat. It’s nice flavors and the fermented food that is found in Koren food is good for your belly. It’s fun to eat with chopsticks! Although, we’d rather use forks as it can be frustrating to use the chopsticks at times. The restaurant itself is nice with a nice atmosphere and music — it’s good for kids too.

Overall we rated this:
River 7.75
Terran 9


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